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10 seconds challenge
You control a golf club with the mouse and you have 10 seconds to send the ball as far as possible. A nice twist on the Yetisports games.
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Soccer 1.0
Soccer 1.0 is a fun retro soccer/football game in which you challenge the team played by the computer. You control your team's players with the mouse. Roll over a player to select it and guide him with the mouse cursor. Click the mouse button to increase energy and release it to kick. You can choose to play with up to 4 players on the field and adjust the number of goals to win.
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World cup soccer
World cup soccer is an online equivalent to the "Pro Evolution Soccer" or "FIFA soccer" console games, developed with Shockwave byt the Silent bay studios (Authors of Risky whisky and Laser maze). Less players (only 3 on the field), less options but more simple controls and still very fun. Choose your favourite team and try to win the trophy! Arrow keys to move, Z to pass or change player, and X to shoot.
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Super web soccer
Here comes an entertaining soccer simulation game that can be played in your web browser. You can pick teams from several different recent internationals. The controls take a bit of getting used to, but if you like this kind of game, take the time to learn. Arrow keys to move player, Z to pass ball or change selected player, X to tackle or shoot (hold down X to adjust the strenght).
As it's said in the instructions, try a practice game first.
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Uber Pool
This is a circular pool game. Something unique and original feturing beautiful grahics and smooth animations. The physical engine is as good as possible but the controls are very hard (too hard?). The gameplay is similar to the lightningpool series, as you must score all the balls before the time runs up.
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Dumbolf is an excellent side-view mini golf game based on a realistic physical simulation engine. It was developed by the romanian team at The graphics and the levels have been carefuly designed and make this game enjoyable and unique. The gameplay remind us the excellent The Mile High Club developed in 2004.
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Lightning Pool
The people at has released a sequel fo their Lightning Break game. Race against the clock as you collect power-ups and clear the table. Lightning Pool stays fresh and fun by providing an easy control of the cue and new challenges with every level.
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Sumo Sushi Soccer
Try to kick the sushi roll as often as possible into the goal of the opponent sumo fighter. The faster you shoot a goal, the more points you get, but the more goals you shoot, the better the computer sumo fighter will play.
If the ball is close to your goal, just run into your goal pressing the grab key (key [up] or [W]). If the ball is not yet behind the goal line, it will roll over your sumo. Then jump right (without grab key) to shoot the ball to the right. The gameplay remind us of the slim games and is very inspired from the slime soccer game.

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Kite battle - タレコミ
Another cute game from japan ( author: ジーマ ). The goal of the game is to push the adversary kites out of the bounds while your kite stay inside. This concept is obviously inspired from the Sumo, the most popular sport in Japan. Use the mouse to move the kite and click on the mouse button to call back your kite. Each new player is getting more and more difficult to beat.
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Polar Dash
The italian team who brought us the excellent snowboarding game Whiteout XL, has developed for Coca-cola's belgium portal a game with a similar gameplay featuring a giant polar bear. Race down the mountain as quickly as possible without wiping out. Very nice physical simulation and sliding feeling. LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to TURN. UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS to ACCELERATE and BRAKE.
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