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Another hard disk has crashed

6 April 2007
     Unlucky, once again, the hard disk of the server has crashed. This time, no data loss (thanks god), all the levels of the Capsules game are safe .
After 2 days down, the website is up again but it might still be buggy for a few days.
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Submitted by jp
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  Profile     Message jp ( 6 April 2007 21:05) : The slowness has been solved too. Now the site is really back to the normal state. The last 2 days were a real marathon for me. Some rest now.
  Profile     Message claudine ( 25 November 2014 14:44) : je decouvre ton site il est magnifique super bravo a toi je reviendrais le voir bisous
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  Profile     Message Darine75 ( 12 June 2015 13:42) : Je découvre ton blog à l’instant ainsi que le Livre d’or donc un petit mot d’encouragement pour la suite.

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