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4 povus 2007 08:04
     The game is a browser based version developed by David Scott and inspired by Element TD for Warcraft III. The aim of the game is to kill the creeps before they reach the end of the maze, do this by building attacking towers on the grass around the maze. Keep as much of your gold in the bank as possible, at the end of each round you earn interest. Here are some tips. Becareful the difficulty progression has been very well balanced and the game is very addictive. It has been released by the begining of the year and gets more than 100,000 players a day. Check the game's blog as the version 2 is on the rails...

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  Profilo     Mesagxo dewas ( 4 povus 2007 15:22) : Amazing !
Great !
  Profilo     Mesagxo lormed ( 7 povus 2007 15:44) : vraiment super mais j'arrive pas a faire des score comme eux c affolantles score réaliser si quelqu'un a des techniques ?

  Profilo     Mesagxo dewas ( 9 povus 2007 09:52) : Pareil, j'ai du mal à atteindre 10000 points...
Mais, ça monte très vite quand on laisse beaucoup d'or. En gros, il vaut mieux ne pas se surprotéger...
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