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Camera Mind

A game created by walnoot

This is a little game of brain-fitness.
I found it the best with the gameplay as minimalistic as possible. It's just a challenge against yourself.

On each new level, a new circle appears. Click on it to reach the next level.

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A game created by walnoot
Translated by walnoot

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35 votes
Viewed 207547 times
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  Profile     Message mustique ( 12 April 2007 13:16) : J'ai fait 105 points et le jeu a bloqué et mon score n'a pas était pris en compte je suis trop vénere
  Profile     Message jakk ( 23 August 2008 14:56) : faudrait penser à corriger le bug qui arrive après le lvl 100...
  Profile     Message agkin ( 25 April 2009 16:01) : O co w tym chodzi ? ;d
  Profile     Message malagutti ( 31 December 2009 07:06) : it stopped again, in this time it stop when i was in 90
  Profile     Message RELOADED ( 31 March 2011 22:41) : 83 bodu sem mel a ono se to sekne!!!!!!!!!!!a ani se mi nic nezapocitalo!!!
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