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Happy new year 2006!

31 aralık 2005
     For this brand new year, is of course working on a new game. The main concept is ready, but developping this one will be a hard work. I'm also thinking about a sequel to Ringmania.

I will also try to improve the interface of, allowing to send comments about the games of the directory and about the news article.

I will maybe add the possibility to make a donation with Paypal. As developing games is not my main activity, the only way to release more and better games, is money.

This year 2005, after 57376 attempts all over the games, congratulations to X-man who has become the champion of the " fights". I'm sure that Rodrigo.Riveros will try to get the title back during the year 2006. By the way, for those who like orkut, Rodrigo has created an orkut comunity.

To finish with and as usual, a big thanks to the adminz of and the translators from all over the world who spend a little time to help us developping this website.

Happy new year to all of you !
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  Profil     Mesaj dewas ( 3 ocak 2006 11:36) : Merci jp d'avoir créé ce site !
Bonne année 2006 et j'espère encore de très bon moments sur ce site !
  Profil     Mesaj SQUALE ( 3 ocak 2006 13:38) : Merci JP, excellente année à toi aussi. Mes meilleurs voeux de bonheur, santé... et vive PEPERE !

  Profil     Mesaj bricedenice ( 30 ocak 2006 13:21) : ce site est cooooooooooool!!!!
  Profil     Mesaj Darine75 ( 26 ocak 2015 10:28) : Bonjour
Félicitation pour votre excellent beau travail
C’est super. Bonne continuation
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