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Babarageo Boschvos

25 abril 2006 07:21
     Boschvos is a very good side view space shooter powered by a new innovative concept: fight thousands of battleships constructed by you and other visitors. The "edit mode" allows you to create your space wracraft and the "play mode" is very entertaining as the game has very simple controls (mouse) and a huge variety of spaceships to fight. Choose english or japanese language and then click on "PLAY" to start playing.Español

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  Perfil     Mensaje cacalulu ( 26 abril 2006 10:15) : ouais pas mal,bon,comme les autre sa marche pas quand je clic sur play,mais allez sur edit,posé des armes mur ect...puis cliquez en bas a droite et vous pourrez l'essayez!Voila!
  Perfil     Mensaje jp ( 26 abril 2006 10:52) : it seems the game has a bug, it worked when it tried it a month ago. I don't know how to warn the author, I hope he will see it soon...
  Perfil     Mensaje rem73 ( 24 julio 2006 14:40) : Moi je suis arriver a jouer une fois
  Perfil     Mensaje Speed ( 29 julio 2006 17:25) : Moi rien
  Perfil     Mensaje Speed ( 30 julio 2006 08:17) : Dommage du bug...
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