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12 mayo 2006 09:36
     DOFUS is a growing and promising MMORPG game (over 600,000 registered users). The game is developed by a team from the north of France and was originally published in french. Unlike the other games presented in this directory, this one can't be played on your browser but it's really worth taking the time to install it on your computer. You must register and download the game (about 50Mo) on your computer (compatible with Windows, MacOs, and Linux) before starting. You can play for free, but for a fully functional game you must pay about 5€ a month which is not expensive for such a great game. DOFUS offers a unique blend of tactical fights, role playing game, mad humour and colourful graphics. The evolutionary structure of this online video-game and the regular additions and modifications are some of the reasons for the game's success.Español

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  Perfil     Mensaje darkmistkill ( 13 junio 2006 11:52) : trop bien ce jeu suis abonner g un ecaflip(c une race) suis dans une guilde et tous trop bien m'apelle darkmiistkill
  Perfil     Mensaje yoyoeliot ( 19 junio 2006 07:50) : un bon site
  Perfil     Mensaje darkmistkill ( 2 noviembre 2006 22:26) : Bon voila mnt susi sadida(autre race) nv57 et suis sur hecate --darkmistkill-- susi ki a bsoin d'un pti coup de main(pas de mendian ^^)

  Perfil     Mensaje alexspeed ( 12 julio 2007 12:41) : eh yoyoeliot c'est débiles ske tu dit moi au début je comptais pas m'abonner mais j'y aie jouer commeme et maitenant j'ai arreté parce que j'était devenue accro - -'
  Perfil     Mensaje felipemont ( 4 febrero 2009 14:43) : como puedo jugar ? no se como se hace.
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