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Stick remover

12 julio 2007 04:42
     Stick remover is a physical toy developed by the brilliant japanese author of New Rolling Omusubi and the popular World of sand. Remove as many sticks as you can while keeping the star above the red line. 5 levels.
Found on JayIsGames.Español

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  Perfil     Mensaje To1ne ( 12 julio 2007 16:33) : My personal top is 135!
  Perfil     Mensaje Oris.Marii ( 14 julio 2007 21:24) : 145 for me :D
  Perfil     Mensaje spaceplant ( 15 julio 2007 12:24) : I love this kinda stuff. Only thing I hate is that I didn't come up with that idea first.
  Perfil     Mensaje jp ( 16 julio 2007 11:56) : Yep this guy invents brilliant concepts. If you look at its other games it's the same high quality.
  Perfil     Mensaje To1ne ( 29 julio 2007 16:25) : Now 143!!
Yes, real nice games on his site!!
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