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3wish Aventures
Gode tegninger, sjove karakterer og opfindsomme puslespil, divideret op i 3 serier, med en dreng, en rotte eller Hr. Zhong Kui.
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Just Another Escape
It's another escape-from-the-room game. Search carefully in the whole room above,below or next things. If you want to choose an object, drag it into stage. This game is designed by Gamershood.com.
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Evolution Game
This is actually a very fun game It can be quite frustrating, though...
Start out as a small primate in the forests 50 million years ago. As you move around the map trying to find food and avoid being eaten, the world changes. You will have to adapt! Can your lineage survive to the present day? And what will you end up looking like? The answer depends on how you play...
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Stick RPG Complete
Live a sim life online. You have many possibilities to explore, find a job, take the bus to another city, ect... Instructions in english.
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Hapland 2
The sequel of one of the first click & point game, created by Robin Allen. This one is a lot harder.
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Lego Alpha Team
Explore the map and complete several missions with your lego tiny car. The moves of the car are awesome. Some tips : use the bridge as a ramp, turn to alpha mode (SHIFT) to destroy the ice blocks.
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Smart Stick Eventyr 2 1/2
Hjælp Stickmand gennem levelerne ved at klikke de rigtige ting i den rigtige orden. Grafikken er hurtig men animationer er forsigtig pudset. ET sjovt spil af prikedelik.
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Itchana Tchones 4 Alien wars
This is a funny platform adventure game staring Itchana Tchones, a parody of Indiana Jones. B to use and SPACE to fight. A game by zanorg.com.
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Gold yard
Gold Yard is a great little flash adventure game developped by Francesco Maisto in the spirit of Halloween. You are a Hobbit trying to escape alive from a graveyard. Using the arrow keys on the keyboard for movement, make your way around the maze of rooms and environments to collect gold, find keys, solve puzzles and avoid being killed by the ghosts and monsters.

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The Dark Room
A brilliant 3 dimentional puzzle flash game, your main challenge is "what am I suppose to do?". Using only the mouse, point, click and solve the mystery of the dark room.
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