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La brute

16 ספטמבר 2008 14:11
     Even if you don't speak french, this game is easy to understand and is absolutely worth a try. You will create your avatar within a few seconds and then you start to play. No controls, no rules, just sit down and watch. You are authorized to make 3 fights a day. Your avatar's skills will improve days after days, until you become the world champion.
Quick french lesson : "La brute" = "The brute". "Ta brute a survécu" = "Your brute has survived". "Ta brute a écrasé XXX" = "Your brute has defeated XXX".עברית

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  פרופיל     הודעה ‌onirik ‌ (24 ספטמבר 2008 17:42) : if it was english it would be great. i dont get any word of it
  פרופיל     הודעה ‌onirik ‌ (24 ספטמבר 2008 18:11) : i found a way to translate use to translate it french to english
  פרופיל     הודעה ‌onirik ‌ (13 אוקטובר 2008 16:59) : r there a game like this in english? or english version (server) of it?
  פרופיל     הודעה ‌madeleine78 ‌ (26 אוקטובר 2008 16:36) : Great game, but it doesn't work today; could the site be down again?
  פרופיל     הודעה ‌bla29 ‌ (1 אפריל 2009 21:32) : There is english version now and it's just been brought out... enter here as my ally if you want: ... later there will be bonuses i assure you. Good luck to you all and have fun.
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