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27 ינואר 2006 09:21
     The new poetic game of Ferry Halim. holding the mouse button, blow a bubble as big as possible around the little girl. Release the button to make her jump in the iar. When she lands, all bugs within the area around the girl—and relative to the size of the bubble—will fly away and give you points.עברית

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הודעה אחרונה הודעה אחרונה
  פרופיל     הודעה ‌yorgiel ‌ (28 ינואר 2006 16:59) : hej dlaczego te opisy sa pisane równowaznikami?
  פרופיל     הודעה ‌U-zine ‌ (29 ינואר 2006 16:24) : Cucu mais sympa !
  פרופיל     הודעה ‌sophie12345678910 ‌ (29 ינואר 2006 17:20) : moche pourri mais c po croyable
  פרופיל     הודעה ‌jennalynn6 ‌ (3 נובמבר 2006 20:24) : This is a typical Ferry Halim game. Like all his others the graphics and music lull you into a false sense of security making you think this is a cute little game that will be easy. WRONG. His games are deceptively difficult and that's what makes them so great. He is a fantastic talent and all the games on his site are great.
  פרופיל     הודעה ‌jiksaw213 ‌ (23 מאי 2012 11:05) : another masterpiece was made by Ferry Hallim. If you ever come to his Orisinal, I think you should prepare to spend the rest time of your day sticking to the computer screen. And another thing I love that is the soundtrack, anyone knows thier name?
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