Shroomz - Quest for Puppy - 游戏
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Shroomz - Quest for Puppy

2004年 九月 23日 03:50
     This is the quest for your Puppy deep down in the bottom of the well. You can use your mouse or the arrow keys to play. You must drink purple magic potion to maintain your energy and once full up you become super strong. Collect the golden keys to make your progress through the levels easier and emeralds for extra points. Detonate the coloured bombs and eliminate all the mushrooms that are the same colour. Watch out for the black bombs though, they may clear space for you but don't stand next to them when they go off. Move quickly so that you don't get squashed by objects above you. Once you are completely topped up with purple potion, you are super strong and it takes much less effort to smash through obstacles. Nice action puzzle game, too bad you can't finish it unless you buy the game. Story and detailed instructions are in English.汉语(简体)

提交 jp
翻译 jennalynn6

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