Rampage - ゲーム
ディレクトリ ゲーム
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2006年 4月 18日 07:29
     Yet another 80s classic game from the Midway arcade treasures. Insert coins play as kind of king-kong in the streets of an american city and try to destroy as many buildings as possible. Keep an eye on the army soldiers, tanks and helicopters that try to shoot you down.日本語


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  プロフィール     メッセージ chocho ( 2008年 7月 6日 19:03) : i want to play rampage. it's a child hood game . i use to play all the time. i want to play it. omg. i want to play it. really bad. i want to PLAY. JUST ONE TIME AND 4 ALL. THEREOUT THOU ROMEO. PEACE GANGSTERS