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Bomb wars

12 júl 2006 07:22
     In this game, which is obviously inpired from the Tron movie, you fight against an opponent by throwing energy balls on him (or her) and escaping his or her shoots. There is a big black hole between you and your opponent in which some nice powerups appear from time to time. Throw a ball on the bonus to grab it. You just need to login with an email (that won't be verified) and then you can play in multiplayer mode. Move with the arrow keys, press the spacebar once to set the direction and press again to start the shoot.Slovensky

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  Profil     Odkaz opiokalos93 ( 12 júl 2006 21:03) : Excellent!

Is it available in mobile?
  Profil     Odkaz JK ( 13 júl 2006 13:47) : Super ce jeu !!
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