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Fly Air France

13 júl 2006 07:14
     The concept of this game is not new, it has some similarity to the Drifts game. The graphics and method of playing although similar is different enough to make it an enjoyable way to pass the time. The goal of he game is to keep your passengers comfortable and happy. To do so you must pick up in flight "Perks" along the way (these are the blue signs you will see in the sky). As with all airlines you want to keep your customers happy and so you will want to avoid the red signs that will make their trip unpleasant. The more "perks" you capture, the longer and further you will fly. According to the game info, if you do well enough to enter the highscore screen, you are eligible to win a pair of tickets from Air France.Slovensky

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  Profil     Odkaz jennalynn6 ( 3 november 2006 19:01) : This game has great potential and if you had control over the speed of the plane so that you go move faster across the screen to pick up the "good stuff" then it would be a lot more fun. As it is, with you not being able to move more quickly it is almost impossible to keep the passengers happy.
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