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13 apríl 2006 07:21
     Gunmaster is an action game developed in flash by Jason Reinsvold. The gameplay seems inspired from the Heli Attack series, except that the screen doesn't scroll. You play as a commando that must survive as long as possible against ennemies, helicopters and planes shooting at you missiles, bombs and bullets. A, D to move, spacebar to jump (press twice for double jump), E and R to throw grenades, 1,2,3 to change weapons and the mouse to aim and fire.Slovensky

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  Profil     Odkaz Speed ( 15 apríl 2006 06:49) : Sympa le jeu (et le site)

  Profil     Odkaz Chefan ( 17 apríl 2006 14:51) : Plutot sympa
  Profil     Odkaz lapin ( 18 apríl 2006 13:01) : c'est super;!!!!!!!!!j'adore!!
  Profil     Odkaz Miki102 ( 9 august 2006 08:33) : SUPER
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