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Rolling Turtle

15 május 2008 15:16
     Here is a game I've just released at The engine is inspired by Jump Gear and of course, like all game on BL, you can create and share your own levels (just like in Capsules). The game will be featured as well on with highscores enabled, as soon as there are enough levels created by the community.Magyar

Submitted by jp
Translated by jp

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  Profil     Üzenet spaceplant ( 16 május 2008 21:09) : Nice game JP and I like the concept of your site bonuslevel with user created levels, and an API for that purpose. Do you have your own server at home to host your websites or what hosting service do you use?
  Profil     Üzenet jp ( 18 május 2008 00:38) : Thx, the sites are not hosted at home it's a french company, a dedicated server.
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