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18 şubat 2008 08:34
     This game is something! It has a simple object: Collect the trash cans!
You have to build stairs or covers to get the cans. There is no timing tasks, only "Gold Awards". Those awards are sometimes hard to get, because to get it, you have to get the cans as few moves as possible. Sometimes it's very simple and sometimes it confusing, so don't panic! If you get stuck, there's a "Hint"-button which often helps a lot. You can't move grey bricks.
Beware of gearbots (moves sideways), climbots (moves sideways and up and down), flybots (moves in the air sideways) and most of all eyebots (will chase when seen). There are fire bricks (burns junkbot) and drips (shuts down junkbot).
Press "Help" for more different bricks and thingies. Fun, easy and brainteasing...
[JP] Another lego game Alpha team.Türkçe

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