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12 december 2006 17:55
     After creating Death in Sakkara, the partnership between BBC and Preloaded has produced a new episodic, live action, video adventure game. The first scene introduces you to the story and your role as Adam Foster. Your job is to unlock the mystery and defeat the ancient and bloody conspiracy that threatens to erupt into the present day. Using the mouse to click, drag, move and catch objects on the screen, it is up to you to figure out how to move the story forward. Episode one,Manesia, was released while this review was being written. Three new epiosdes are coming soon.Nederlands

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  Profiel     Bericht felu ( 14 december 2006 10:03) : Can only be played from a UK based computer for the time being...
  Profiel     Bericht lormed ( 16 december 2006 11:21) : Ouais une traduction par moi sympa je participe enfin au site parcontre impossible de jouer si vous n'habitez en angleterre donc voila

  Profiel     Bericht _MetallicA_ ( 29 december 2006 18:11) : hımm

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