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A post every year ?

23 toukokuu 2011
     I wanted to post something on pepere.org and I just realized that I posted exactly one year ago! I'm as regular as clockwork!

I'm very busy with my indie game developer job right now but I'm still visiting pepere.org and adding new games in directory every week.

Want to see some of my iPhone games? I plan to make new Flash games soon, so stay tuned

If you want to reach me, the fastest way is to use twitter. Post a tweet starting with @jpsarda and I'll answer quickly.
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  Profiili     Viesti Darine75 ( 26 tammikuu 2015 10:22) : Ton blog est formidable, travail de grande qualité... Je suis certaine que beaucoup seront d'accord avec moi même s'ils ne prennent pas le temps de te le dire.
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  Profiili     Viesti Darine75 ( 12 kesäkuu 2015 13:33) : Un grand moment de bonheur, de plaisirs et d'échanges culinaires, merci !

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