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2xFlash and New game

11 Mars 2005
These are the latest news of :

1) The new flash game is out, a hard one about an old game called "Bilboquet". It has been pretty hard to develop, the non elastic rope simulation was a true chinese puzzle to solve.

2) 2xFlash is a new space dedicated to players and flash game developpers. You can now upload your flash games on, with the possibility to implement high scores, replays and to display your own google adsense to get back reward from your work. Already 2 games have been uploaded, the unicycle challenge and the knight jump by gfxmonk and davidw. Thanks to both of you!

3) More than 8000 members are subscribed to

4) As usual thanks to all adminz of and all translators for their faithfulness and their great work on translating and moderating in many languages!

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  Profil     Meddelande Bradley1508 ( 13 Februari 2020 04:16) : Bilboquet? where this word came from? Quite familiar word, but very witty, easy to remember. I came across with a flash games back in HS called glass pool fencing installation perth, not complicated games since it only shows pipes that you need to simulate the flow of water, but it takes a lot of time in playing!

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