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Tunnel Rush

1 auxgusto 2006 07:20
     Tunnel Rush is a very simple and efficient game. You must go as far as possible with a high speed dragon without touching the walls. You control the dragon with the mouse. The difficulty and what makes the game different from others, like the very good Ball Atrack game, comes from the rotation of the walls that requires very quick reactions.Esperanto

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  Profilo     Mesagxo Komix ( 1 auxgusto 2006 15:23) : WTF? why do you get it in 2xFlash and a link to it in the directory??
  Profilo     Mesagxo jp ( 1 auxgusto 2006 16:34) : Because I had add it before it was submited on 2xFlash and the 2xFlash version is the only one with highscore enabled. Moreover, not all visitors check the both directory and 2xFlash and this ame really deserve to be played IMHO.
  Profilo     Mesagxo ancalime ( 1 auxgusto 2006 17:36) : very good, a nice game.
  Profilo     Mesagxo Komix ( 2 auxgusto 2006 22:19) : ok it is not bad, the idea is cool and the level design is also great, but the rest aint that gloriose. ok, matter of opinion I guess
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