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7 November 2017

Nope... kidding... I just added the "Cookies consent" banner which is a mandatory thing on all EU sites now.

Pepere is 13 years aold now, and still alive (kind of).

I'm still alive too and making games, but not Flash games anymore, only iOS and Android. I'm releasing a new game called "BoneSwiper" in a couple of days on iOS and Android. It will be free so check it out.

Seriously, if you're reading this article on an deserted 13 years old site, you're a rock star. Big hugs to all!
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  Profil     Meddelande trkzgr ( 24 Juli 2019 10:20) : YOU are a rock star ;D
  Profil     Meddelande jp ( 6 Augusti 2019 11:47) : OMG so many pepere fans still alive
  Profil     Meddelande Bradley1508 ( 16 januari 2020 09:50) : Oh yes, pepere fans are always and will always be alive!
Rock on! Hey xflames? Are you serious? 15 years of pepere dedication? I can't even be as loyal as office fit outs melbourne type of a fan!OMG
  Profil     Meddelande Bradley1508 ( 31 januari 2020 06:09) : Another year for pepere
  Profil     Meddelande Fancypants ( 26 Februari 2020 04:52) : after 15 years and the organization is still operating. Awesome. The flash games are nostalgic. We in are always a fan.
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