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Tycoon Online
Tycoon Online is an ooooold browser based business management game. Each session is about 70 days long. You create a company, then you create factories, produce, buy and sell goods to make money. You can buy and sell shares of your company but also other players companies. And many other things, that's a very complete game, that can teach you the bases of business. At the end of the 70 days period, the most valuable company wins. And another session begins...
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Agario was released 2 years ago by Matheus Valadares, a then 19-year-old Brazilian developer. The game has been a massive hit, and the beginning of a new genre. Agario has been sold to Miniclip 1 year later, which focused mainly on monetizing the game (adding coins, skins, and so on...) instead of improving the gameplay or adding new modes. A pity. Other famous .io games : slither.io, diep.io.
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Brotherhood of Battle
A kind of very well done Warcraft clone, but... multiplayer.
Thx come2play.
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Draw my thing
"Draw my thing" is a clone of the good old iSketch, also a Pictionnary clone. Very well done.
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megjegyzések(4) - Submitted by jp / Translated by jp
An incredibly addictive game by French developer Benoît Freslon.
You control the blue cells and must conquer the red ones. A great tutorial in 4 languages will guide you. A multiplayer version is in progress.
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megjegyzések(0) - Submitted by jp / Translated by jp
La brute
Even if you don't speak french, this game is easy to understand and is absolutely worth a try. You will create your avatar within a few seconds and then you start to play. No controls, no rules, just sit down and watch. You are authorized to make 3 fights a day. Your avatar's skills will improve days after days, until you become the world champion.
Quick french lesson : "La brute" = "The brute". "Ta brute a survécu" = "Your brute has survived". "Ta brute a écrasé XXX" = "Your brute has defeated XXX".
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megjegyzések(9) - Submitted by jp / Translated by jp
Weewar is a multiplayer turn-based strategy game you can play right in your web browser. The basic version is free. The pro version (24$ a year), allows a few more options. You can ceate battles with up to 6 players. Each player will receive an email when his turn has arrived. A game can last from 1 day to several months ^_^.

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megjegyzések(2) - Submitted by jp / Translated by jp
BubbleZ is a multiplayer version of the classic Puzzle Bobble. You have to clear the stage before your challenger. Very addictive.
The game is one of the most popular from Wellgames. Most of games featured on the Wellgames portal are multiplayer versions of classics (Tangram, Mahjong, Tetris, Sudoku, etc...). A great website to waste your time.
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Type Racer (Gépelési Verseny)
Egy egyszerű és nagyon szórakoztató játék a gépelési képességeid tesztelésére. Csak gépeld be a szöveget olyan gyorsan, ahogy csak tudod ahhoz, hogy megnyerd a játékot a 7 ellenfeled ellen. Tipp: játsz egy barátoddal együtt, aki a képernyőről felolvassa neked a szöveget, miközben te gépeled azt.
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megjegyzések(8) - Submitted by jp / Translated by www.traduttore-ungherese.com
Space Ace
A simple multiplayer game, you can practice or fight against an opponent (the system select the opponent for you). Ctrl to actlivate the engine, left and right arrows to rotate. Akind of multiplayer Lunar mouse.
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