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Drag Racer 3

21 ספטמבר 2004 04:03
     Drag Racer 3 is a car racing and designing game, in which there are 3 different difficulty levels (easy/medium/hard). As you progress in being a good car racer and earn more winnings, you are able to buy and design faster cars and thus beat faster opponents. The difference between the 3 levels is the sum of money with which you start, and hence the type of car with which you start when you begin.
There are also three different ways to play this game:
Arcade mode, Tuner mode, and Online mode.
For "Arcade mode", you can be the racer of any car you wish, without having gone through the long process of winning and losing. This is helpful if you want to see the performance of cars.
For "Tuner mode", you begin with a set sum of money, and depending on your success, you proceed on buying and designing better cars.
In "Online mode", you need to download the game, but it enables you to chat with others, and show off your "cool" car.
TIP: in "tuner mode", once you beat a car, select the LAST car in the list in order to have a NEW car appear on the list.עברית

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  פרופיל     הודעה ‌psyduck ‌ (26 אוגוסט 2008 12:52) : I am not sure but seems like a broken link
or is it my pc?
  פרופיל     הודעה ‌jp ‌ (26 אוגוסט 2008 15:14) : Thx it's ocrrected now.
  פרופיל     הודעה ‌psyduck ‌ (26 אוגוסט 2008 16:59) : I still can't play
It says loading and OOOPS.This game needs files etc etc...Then i click the link provided there but it still seems to have problems.. I liked this game
  פרופיל     הודעה ‌rolipoli ‌ (29 מרץ 2010 19:36) : játékok

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