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Monster truck unleashed

21 ספטמבר 2006 14:10
     After the tremendous success of Monster Truck on miniclip, the talented Stimunation team has released a sequel on In this new version you can personalize your truck (colors, size of the wheels and other parameters). Accelerate/reverse with up and down keys. Left and rightkeys to rotate the truck. Spacebar to jump and CTRL to improve grip.עברית

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  פרופיל     הודעה ‌gamerss ‌ (14 אוקטובר 2006 15:18) : dit is een leuk spel
  פרופיל     הודעה ‌SadButTrue ‌ (10 אפריל 2009 22:07) : Iha perseestä

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