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Jamal And The Wasp Bunker

2006年 5月 5日 07:09
     Charming (but damned hard) little side-scrolling platformer starring a vegetarian spider that is able to walk, jump, and swing from its own spidey-thread. Use the arrow keys for movement, [shift] to shoot a thread; hold down [ctrl] while pressing [up] or [down] to change the angle of the thread that shoots. Once on the thread, you can press [right] and [left] to get a better swing going; press [up] to climb, [down] to descend. Press [shift] again to jump off the thread.日本語


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  プロフィール     メッセージ manubiwan ( 2006年 5月 5日 15:47) : bof, je le trouve pas très palpitant malgré ses tres joli graphisme. La musique est un peu "répétitive" et en devient donc lassante.