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Simple score submition

18 septembro 2008
     This post is intended to Flash game developers.

The highscore submition code has been modified to be as simple as possible.

Now you just have to insert this line in your games:"saveGlobalScore",score);

Can it be simpler ?
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  Profilo     Mesagxo Polio1 ( 18 septembro 2008 20:44) : Good job jp

Keep the good work up
  Profilo     Mesagxo xdigox ( 20 septembro 2008 15:06) : Perfect! Simple and fast update!
  Profilo     Mesagxo xdigox ( 20 septembro 2008 15:20) : *P.S. the function don't update automatcally the best of month and the best of day!
  Profilo     Mesagxo xdigox ( 4 novembro 2009 16:18) : no more news/games?
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