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"Pépère is getting mad" The rules

the gameThe goal of the game is to park the car. You must use hand brakes (space bar) in order to gain as many artistic points as possible. To start the game, click on «Play» or press 's', and then use the cursor keys to drive. The car is «parked» when the invisible points around the car are all in contact with the dark grey zone between the 2 cars. Don't reload the page to restart, there is «Stop» button for this. And above all, don't cheat, it's very easy to do, and there is no interest.
the replayYou can look at the replays of other players clicking on the up left green circle. As the number of replays is very high, a daily selection is done containing the best ones and a hundred of aleatory replays.
the scoresThe 5000 best scores are kept in database, the 20 best scores with a link towards a (non adult) page are shown on the main page. Only one score by pseudo, don't be surprised if your former replays are deleted.