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A selection of the most innovative and interesting games that can be played with your internet browser on other websites.
Lost Outpost - Adventure FreeCiv ( Civilization clone in HTML5 ) - Old games Guilded Youth - Adventure Dammit Snake - Stress International Kungfu Warior - Fun Reprisal (Populous remake) - Old games Craequ - Strategy The Love Letter - Adventure Snailiad - Strategy Greens Survive when Reds Die - Strategy The haunted ruins - Adventure untris - Stress Synapsis 2 - Adventure Travelling - Strategy Angry Birds Rio - Strategy - Games
The exclusive games created by the team
Moonlights Jump Gear 2 Rolling Turtle BLockoban Crazy Mammoths Capsules Jump Gear - Random One On One Soccer challenge Ringmania 2 Babboon & friends World of Archoon Ringmania Save the earth Rebounds Bilboquet game Captain Pépère - Flash game Pépère on the rocks - Flash game Pépère and his car - Flash game Pépère and his trailer - Flash game Dangerous Pépère - Flash game Air Magic Pépère - Flash game The elephant game - Flash game
Programmers and gamers
The games developed by the members of More and more talented games developers trust our platform to show their games to a large audience. Since 2005, the team is also using this platform to present its games.
Moonlights Tweet Force 21 Balloons Dung 12 Seconds Love Overdose Sproing Reloaded ZIAG! - The Simplest Game On Earth Kersplat Jump Gear 2 Pumpkin Supply Slippery Side Swipe Mega Fortress Spider in the rain Pawel and the Teutonic Castle

Lost Outpost - Adventure FreeCiv ( Civilization clone in HTML5 ) - Old games Guilded Youth - Adventure Dammit Snake - Stress Moonlights Jump Gear 2 Rolling Turtle BLockoban Captain Pépère - Flash game The elephant game - Flash game World of Archoon Cold Fusion Jump Gear - Random Love Overdose Crazy Mammoths Rebounds Pumpkin Supply Veggie Fling EsTension Ringmania Collapse - Stress ZwoK! - Multiplayer games Combat Heaven - Action Johnny Rocketfingers - Adventure Kao Fu-Sen (Find your head) - Adventure The wolf, the sheep and the cabbages - Strategy The Upside Down Show Game - Fun Worm racing - Fun Maama room - Adventure Blast Billy - Fun Eskiv - Stress Arkanoïd - Old games Moon lander (Maanlander) - Motor sports Goldburger TO GO! - Fun Plankton Life - Action Russian affairs - Adventure The Adventures Of Buttlock - Adventure Urban Dead - Multiplayer games Extreme farm simulator - Action Akinator - Fun Race - Motor sports Sonic Angel Island - Old games Driver's Ed (driving licence) - Motor sports Snake Jump - Stress Rain Man - Stress Lemmings - Old games Brain hotel - Adventure Thow me - Fun Connexions - Strategy Lightning Pool - Sports Building Blaster 2 - Strategy Centipede - Old games Angry Birds Rio - Strategy Spear Toss - Sports Lost Outpost - Adventure Island cruising - Sports Gangster Pursuit - Action Retron - Stress Panda jump game - Fun Twin Hobbot Rocket! - Fun Capture the newbies - Action Daruma Game - Fun Dolphin Olympics - Fun UFO pool party - Fun Top Gear Ford Fiesta Racing Game - Motor sports Copter - Motor sports Castle Smasher - Fun Bloons, More bloons etc... - Strategy Interactive buddy - Fun The Worlds Hardest Game 2 - Stress Aitchu 2 - Action Risky Whisky - Fun Disinfect the Core - Strategy No Brainer - Fun Shroomz - Quest for Puppy - Strategy The treasure box - Adventure Redline Rumble 2:  Detonator - Motor sports Gun Run - Action Toonami arena - Old games Robokill - Action Hoshi saga 3 - Fun Left 4k Dead - Action Nanaca crash - Fun Retronoid FS - Old games untris - Stress Tank defense - Motor sports Nucleus - Stress The haunted ruins - Adventure Lt. Fly vs The Spiders from Above - Stress Vanilla - Stress Rong - Stress Senses challenge - Strategy Bumper karts - Motor sports The mini jump game - Fun Coma - Adventure Pitching Put golf - Sports Starship elleven - Adventure Crash Course Football - Motor sports UFO Panic - Action Fly Guy - Fun Miners4K Bilboquet game Capsules ABC Ringmania 2 One On One Save the earth Pawel and the Teutonic Castle Soccer challenge Flash Snake Babboon & friends 12 Seconds Critical Mass Nano Bot Tunnel Rush Dung Jump Knight 21 Balloons Virus Diams CyBalls Centrifuge Football Bat Vs Ball 1.0 Escape from the Flooded Room Kersplat Tweet Force Skydiver Camera Mind Suna Sudoku Cheese planet game Unicycle Challenge ZIAG! - The Simplest Game On Earth Life of Squid Slippery Side Swipe Neave Frogger Fishy Falldown Vomiting snake Touch The Bubbles Sproing Reloaded

On Pepere we are developing online games that can be played on your internet browser. We use Flash, Java and are opened to all upcoming technologies.
Since 2004, the «Pepere spirit» has gathered a strong community of 44388 players and game developers. Pepere is translated in many languages thanks to the contribution of all visitors and members. We thank all of you for your support to the «Pepere project»!

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Submitted by jp
Translated by jp
23 May 2011 A post every year ?
     I wanted to post something on and I just realized that I posted exactly one year ago! I'm as regular as clockwork!

I'm very busy with my indie game developer job right now but I'm still visiting and adding new games in directory every week.

Want to see some of my iPhone games? I plan to make new Flash games soon, so stay tuned

If you want to reach me, the fastest way is to use twitter. Post a tweet starting with @jpsarda and I'll answer quickly.
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