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Jocs multijugador

Jocs multijugador - 55 Jocs
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Jelly battle
Molt bon joc multijugador. Tu jugues amb el saltador de gelatina blau. Fes servir el ratoli per saltar per el camp de joc, aterrant a armes i extra poders, mentres esquives les mines. Intenta guanyar als teus 3 oponents. Has d'arribar al nivell 3 per que comenci la part multijugador.
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A field of sunflowers with figures on the petals. Rotate the sunflowers (only thos over white background) in order to get the number of 10 on the 2 adjacent petals. You play against an human opponent. The first to complete the field wins. Very nice game.
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Toltec Rings
Toltec Rings is antoher multiplayer game by Gamesheep (authors of Crystal clear). You must send all the rings in the open mouths of the frogs. Use the mouse and the red ring to push the other rings.
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Aapeli is a finnish website editing a lot of exclusive multiplayer java games, available in many languages. Here are the english version of their great free games. The one I've picked, is a classic minigolf game that seems to provide many interesting levels and a fun multiplayer mode. Becareful, it's really addictive.

Try also the top games of the site : a multiplayer pool game, Bubbles, a clone of "Puzzle bobble" and many other great games.
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Multiplayer Koi Koi
El "Multiplayer Koi Koi" de Bryon Vandiver combina un joc de cartes japones que es diu Hanafuda amb un sistema de ranking multijugador per crear excitament (cal registrar-se). Abans de comencar llegeix les normes.
Pots trobar una revisio detallada a;JayIsGames.
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Multiplayer Crystal Clear
Crystal Clear uses very classic game mechanics about matching the same colors. But this one is multiplayer, which always bring a lot of fun to a game. You must register (for free) to be allowed to play. Fill your opponent's board with crystals so that s/he can't move. The Gamesheep team from Romania, has built a couple of nice games (like Dumbolf ) and recently a nice multiplayer section. More details on FGN.
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With Sploder, "the online game maker", "you can design your own games of any size and shape!" Actually what they call "games" seems to be "levels". From a game to another, the objects are very similar, only the shape of the playable area and the position of the objects are variable. Anyway, it's a very interesting experiment. After registration, it's very easy to create and share your own level. I made this quick and stupid level in 5 minutes. The game itself, is a little bit boring, but I guess it can depends on the levels. You can find the most popular level on their home page.

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T'en recordes de l'excellent dirid=1553]Dice wars[/dirid]? Ara arriba la versio multijugador, desenvolupada en Flash fro en Ryan Dewsbury, autor tambe de l'excellent gpoker multijugador. Aquest joc es una combinacio perfecta d'estrategia i sort. Ves amb compte, es molt addictiu.
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gpokr (Texas Hold'em game)
Ryan Dewsbury of Toronto is developing a multiplayer no-limit Texas Hold'em game, which has become a very popular game in the United States and now spreading to the world. Just enter a user name, email address and choose a password. Your winnings are stored in the database for when you return. There are 10 seats available per table and as many tables as you wish. Of course all is free, you bet only virtual money.
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Yaris Multiplayer
Toyota has released a multiplayer racing game. You play the blue car and must grab the black pills before the red car, and then reach the exit. The main interest of this game is the multiplayer aspect. Unfortunatly there wasn't any players when I played it I hope there are some now.
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