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6 December 2006 06:13
     Click as fast as possible on the button corresponding to the appearing colour and try not to be disturbed by the meaning of the text. Basic knowledge of english colour names is needed to play this game: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Pink.

Submitted by jp
Translated by jp

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  Profile     Message Chefan ( 6 December 2006 17:47) : trop dur ! c'est la que l'on trouve les failles du cerveau . . .
  Profile     Message lapin ( 7 December 2006 10:19) : je sui allé o nivo 3!
mé il fo cliké sur la bonne couleurmé pa la couleur marké mé la couleur du texte!!!!!!

  Profile     Message Moustic1 ( 7 April 2007 08:34) : niv 6 a 164
  Profile     Message Moustic1 ( 7 April 2007 08:34) :
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