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Planetary Orbital Defense

23 júl 2007 05:47
     POD is a "Defend your thing" game (like Missile Strike or Bowmaster), and it's one of the best I've played. Benjamin Colwell (webmaster of, made the entire game himself (graphics and programming) in about six months time. His friend DJ Kuru composed the music electronically in his studio.
You must defend your city against an ancient race of aliens. The game offers a large range of ennemies and powerups, in an enjoyable pink atmosphere. Addictive. The design of this game is very closed to the one of Benjamin's previous game (an excellent Asteroid clone), Q-Zoid.
Use the mouse to aim and shoot. A to change unit, S to select next powerup, D to activate powerup, Z, X to move your tank. Keys are customizable.Slovensky

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