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Chiko: Accidental Alien
Since the Game On initiative, Australia is providing us with high quality free games (some of them have already been reviewed on pepere, Chasm, Dots and Diamond and Tork). Chiko is another gorgeous flash adventure game coming from Australia. Help Chiko return to Earth in 3 episodes. The game is huge to load and to explore, with lots of quests, items to collect, and mini-games.
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Submachine 2, The lighthouse
Submachine 2 is the new point-and-click adventure game developed by Mateusz Skutnik from Poland. While Submachine version 1 had 20 rooms, this one has a total of 98 rooms, and the puzzles are a lot tougher. Graphics and atmospheric sounds have been carefully designed. Overall, a very pleasant game experience.
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Chronon v0
Chronon is the brand new point-and-click game from The purpose of this game is to free the little yellow dwarf. This is accomplished by manipulating specific objects at the correct time throughout the day. The master of this house will come back at 7pm. The difficulty of the game arises in time axis...
Other games by Eyezmaze: Vanilla and Grow cube.

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Fancy pants adventure
The Fancy Pants Adventure is an online platform adventure game created by Brad Borne. You play a well-animated character with fluid control and great physics (you can perform some spectacular acrobatics), reminding us the excellent N Game. The goal of the game is to explore the levels and collect the trophies. Use the left and right arrow keys to move, the up arrow key to open doors, and [S] to jump.
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Hapland 3
Point and click games have been invented by Robin Allen, the creator of Hapland series. Here comes the third episode, very closed to Hapland 1 and Hapland 2 but still so enjoyable and maybe more difficult.
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Nevermore 2
The spirit of this cute little game is closed to the point-n-click games despite you control the little hero with the keyboard arrows. You must reach a an old gold mine at the top of the mountain. This game developed by Adam Westerman is all a matter of jumps. On each scene you must jump on different static or moving platforms to make it to the next level. If you like it try also Nevermore 1. Tips: Some of the platforms are hidden in the background. Press down the spacebar longer to jump higher.
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Cityscape is a game on the same basis as Grow, but this time you are building a city. If you like Grow, or SimCity you'll probably enjoy this game.
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Stickman Odo (1 and 2)
This point'n'click game from Korea offers simple but efficient gameplay and design. Click right places at the right moment and avoid the wrong choices that make you die. If you like Stickman Odo, try Stickman Odo 2.

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Industry 2
This game, developed by James "Dangerskew" Trofe, follows the point-and-click concept popularized by Rob Allen's Hapland series of games. There are only 2 levels to complete out of 8 or 9.
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A point-and-click game that requires some creativity and logic. Despite the lack of music, the sound effects and graphics are good. Click on "PLAY THIS GAME!" to start the game.
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