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Soccer challenge

Juego creado por: jp
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Soccer Challenge is a set of 8 mini games based on the theme of soccer (football) that has been developed to celebrate FIFA World Cup 2006. You control a small blue footballer with the mouse and must accomplish 8 challenges against time. Your global score is the sum of the 8 scores. The skills required to enter the highscores or even to become the world champion, are ability, strategy, and quickness (and being registered).

- If the game is too slow, toggle the quality by clicking on the "Q" button.
- Another game about football is nearly completed, so check out the home page from time to time ^_-.

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Juego creado por: jp
Traducido por jp

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  Perfil     Mensaje X-man ( 23 septiembre 2006 12:35) : you got to know where to start and make the perfect move to get them all...
  Perfil     Mensaje clemence ( 29 deciembre 2006 13:59) : c tro nul ce jeuxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Perfil     Mensaje clemence ( 29 deciembre 2006 14:00) : non je rigole c marran comme tt sa!! surtt can fo garrer les voitures jadore sa!!@+++++ a ts
  Perfil     Mensaje Krzysiaczek ( 20 julio 2008 11:58) : gupie
  Perfil     Mensaje DźgPL ( 31 octubre 2010 23:46) : jebani francuzi
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