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One On One

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In "One On One" you play as a footballer and must defeat 4 goalkeepers who use different tactics. The game is a kind of sequel to Soccer challenge. It has been developed to celebrate the FIFA World cup 2006 in Germany.
When the ball is in the penalty area, the goalkeeper can catch it and score 1 point. When you score a goal you earn 1 point. The first to 7 points win the fight.
Launch first the animated tutorial to learn quickly some essential tips.

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  Perfil     Missatge bellid ( 20 Octubre 2022 21:32) : Never thought I am going to enjoy this game! It's so much fun!
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  Perfil     Missatge sakalam ( 22 Novembre 2022 03:17) : Thank you for sharing this amazing post. keep up the great work.
  Perfil     Missatge bellid ( 4 Gener 2023 03:41) : Very impressive game!
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  Perfil     Missatge minhatkins1786 ( 16 Gener 2023 15:56) : With Grease Cleaners Milwaukee, we get the best results in the kitchen. This game is one that inspires our level of work.
  Perfil     Missatge campem ( 29 Gener 2023 04:37) : With a game as good as this it is hard to cut my playing time short! I enjoyed the game too much.
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