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Pren-te un minut per traduir aquesta llista de paraules/frases a la teva llengua preferida. L'equip Pépère no té prou mitjans per a pagar professionals, si t'agrada aquesta web fes-ho més fàcil pels teus compatriotes. No cal que tradueixis tota la llista, deixa en blanc el que no vols o no pots traduir. Les traduccions seràn validades abans de posar-les on-line. Gràcies per la teva ajuda!
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Welcome in Pépère laboratory. You will play here some flash games which will be later selected or not in the official Flash Games Adventures of Pépère. Your comments on these games are welcome.

You develop flash games, java games, flash animation, shockwave games and you want to know what is the opinion of pepere.org visitors and members about your work? Write to us.

These are the administrators of pepere.org. They answer your questions, moderate the forums, translate this website in many languages, submit ideas, test the new games and the website, reference pepere.org in their country etc.... Thanks to them for their great work. If you want to help and join the pepere.org team too, write to us.

Share an interesting experiment and write articles in the pepere.org news, about Macromedia flash, about online games, or any subject which can interest the visitors of pepere.org, it is also possible, just write to us and explain what you want to say. Pepere.org can only reward articles by a link of your choice.

Webmasters, copy this source code onto your website an you will see a new game icon and link, the latest online game selected by Pepere every day.

«3xFlash» is a multilingual platform where the amateur or professional game programmers, gamers, and talent seekers can meet each other.

Permission of the author is required for copying and using games and works shown on this website in other electronic, internet or printed publications.

Amateur, professional, freelance programmers or firms, this place is your place, submit your work and show your know-how, take advantage of the advices and appreciations of developpers and players, and catch the job offers of recruiters.

Recruiters, simply submit a new job offer in the corresponding section which will be read by the developpers of this network or look at the demonstrations and propose your offer directly to a programmer.

Since 2004, the «Pepere spirit» has gathered a strong community of %d players and game developers.

The exclusive games created by the Pepere.org team

The games developed by the members of Pepere.org

More and more talented games developers trust our platform to show their games to a large audience.

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