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Game Licensing

If you´re looking for some interactive content for your website or need an interesting give away,
we have exactly what you need. All the qplay-games listed on our site can be licenced. This means,
that we brand the game with your logo and you may use it without any restrictions (exept modifing).
Prices for singleplayer game licences beginn at 600 US $, our multiplayergames, including a configurable
game server and an adaptable database interface are at 2500 US $.
We also offer to customise our games according to your wishes. This includes everything from simple
color changes up to new game charakters! Ever thought about your maskot to be a game character?

All games are also available with an ingame Highscore table!

Custom Game Creation

We would also develop games that are exclusive to you. This is your chance to get a game that perfectly fits
your needs. Everything, from the game idea to the character design, will be created like you want it to be
and we will build a game that is absolutely unique!

If you´re interested in our service or have any questions, just contact us: info@qplaygames.com or visit www.qplaygames.comCatalà

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4 Jocs
Suna Sudoku

Suna Sudoku
Suna Sudoku is a sudoku game in a fascinating new way!
It will provide you a new challenge!

The numbers must be placed in a certain sequence
and on certain fields of the gameboard to score points...

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Jade Emperor

Jade Emperor
The Emperor´s riches fill up his treasury until they reach the coin of sorrow.
Save the Emperor from bad luck and eliminate all cursed Treasures.

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Deep below ground there is an alien menace!
Fight your way through a world of disgusting beasts and alien
scum using your high-tech weapons.
This Arkanoid Clone is played using the mouse or arrow keys.
Use space or left-click to fire.

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Cold Fusion (Fusio freda)

Cold Fusion (Fusio freda)
En aquest dificil joc, hauras de preparar peces de plasma per la fusio freda.
A traves d'habilidosa eliminacio de les peces correctes, pots crear grans grups de peces per eliminar i aconseguir aixi molts mes punts!
Aquest joc utilitza una interfase simple de apuntar i clicar.

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