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Игра, написанная пользователем 'jp'
Вебсайт (http://...)

Capsules is a web 2.0 puzzle game. All of the levels are designed by collaborative work of pepere.org members. You can play and edit the levels by using the buttons above the main game screen.

For quick play, you can play the official levels by clicking on the link marked . In this mode, all levels must be unlocked one after another - hence, if you wish to go further, you must play and complete each level in turn. The rules are simple : grab all the blue capsules and avoid the red ones.

You (pepere.org members only) can create and share levels. Note that the process is moderated, and levels without innovation will not make it to the public list. When you create a new level, you are provided with a direct link (url) that you can send to your friends. However, we strongly advise you to play the official levels before creating your own; the level editor is not easy to master, so please have a look at those animated tutorials: Tutorial 1. These tutorials were made withCamStudio, an excellent piece of open source screen capture software.

Music intro by Setu-Firestorm.
Thank you to all beta testers for their help!

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Игра, написанная пользователем 'jp'
Перевод сделан mrsneeze

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