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Jump Gear - Random

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Jump Gear is a game inspired by the classic BMX series and it also borrows some aspects of the famous Nanaca crash game. It was developed with Flash 8 and you need Flash 8 player to play it.
The originality of Jump Gear comes from the hero's ability to jump (spacebar). If you wish to enter the highscore one day, you need to control perfectly your leaps over the hills (left & right arrows). As usual, to avoid cheats, only members can register their score.
Up and down arrows to accelerate and reverse.

You run against the time and must earn as many points as possible, by performing tricks, collecting stars and reaching as many checkpoints as possible.

Thanks to all people listed in the credits screen for their contributions to this game.

Check the Pepere home page from time to time as a sequel to this game, based on hand made levels, is already well advanced.

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