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Ringmania 2

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The sequel of Ringmania.

In Ringmania 2, you control the rings with the mouse and you must face the floating rings appearing from the top of the screen.

The strategy of the game is based on these few statements :

- When a set of 3 rings of the same colour are connected, they explode. All remaining rings that are not connected anymore to a "Black bubble" also explode.

- When a floating ring gets out of the board, the left and right walls are getting closer.

- When all rings of a given colour have exploded, no more rings of this colour appears (unless a remaining floating ring of this colour get stuck again on your rings).

- The game is over when you don't have enough space to move the rings.

A level editor is available.

By the way, for the first time, there isn't a "REPLAY" function on this game. When the game is controled by the mouse and lasts so long, it becomes very hard to record all the events. That's why...

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[]Posljednje poruke Posljednje poruke
  Profil     Poruka Nefrit ( 20 studeni 2008 00:17) : Great game

Still trying to pass the big one.. There is a lag in this level - the center magnit(or rock?) looks before beginning as a MAGNIT but in game looks like a rock and works like BOTH. And there almost none of darkgreen rings.. (sorry for me poor english )
  Profil     Poruka Nefrit ( 23 studeni 2008 16:14) : i did it! and that's the end it's a pitty
  Profil     Poruka kristofffff ( 19 veljača 2009 12:05) : je suis placee combien ?

  Profil     Poruka bellidzx ( 11 studeni 2023 16:10) : All I can say is amazing game! Garden Design
  Profil     Poruka bellidzx ( 9 prosinac 2023 11:52) : Great game this holiday! Earthworks
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