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Ringmania 2

A game created by jp
Website (http://...)

The sequel of Ringmania.

In Ringmania 2, you control the rings with the mouse and you must face the floating rings appearing from the top of the screen.

The strategy of the game is based on these few statements :

- When a set of 3 rings of the same colour are connected, they explode. All remaining rings that are not connected anymore to a "Black bubble" also explode.

- When a floating ring gets out of the board, the left and right walls are getting closer.

- When all rings of a given colour have exploded, no more rings of this colour appears (unless a remaining floating ring of this colour get stuck again on your rings).

- The game is over when you don't have enough space to move the rings.

A level editor is available.

By the way, for the first time, there isn't a "REPLAY" function on this game. When the game is controled by the mouse and lasts so long, it becomes very hard to record all the events. That's why...

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A game created by jp

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  Profile     Message ampva301 ( 20 April 2023 02:22) : Marietta Drywall Contractors thinks this seems like a great sequel with lots of new features and challenges to keep players engaged.
  Profile     Message bellid ( 20 April 2023 03:58) : Amazing game! Strong as Blast Rock Wall . very nice!
  Profile     Message Jellymin ( 8 May 2023 05:22) : When a floating ring gets out of the board, photo booth rental the left and right walls are getting closer.
  Profile     Message bellid ( 27 May 2023 10:42) : The game still doing great! Retaining Wall Services
  Profile     Message adele11211 ( 2 June 2023 18:47) : Thanks for explaining how ringmania game play is. I saw it first on <a href=""></a> and then came here.
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