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Save the earth

A game created by jp
Website (http://...)

Save the earth from falling asteroïds (in fact, you won't save the earth, but you will die like a hero).
Grab the bonus and power-ups to improve your missiles and space ship into an automatic target swapping system, the ultimate weapon against rocks.

LEFT, RIGHT and UP to move, DOWN for manual targeting, SPACE to shoot.

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A game created by jp
Translated by jp

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  Profile     Message ampva301 ( 11 May 2023 02:16) : This is an exciting and intense game that puts Lewisville in the role of a heroic astronaut tasked with protecting our planet from incoming asteroids.
  Profile     Message heatherbergh ( 31 May 2023 22:32) : I like it! web design houston The controls are pretty smooth. roofers sarasota Good work!
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