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Crazy Mammoths

A game created by jp
Website (http://...)

Crazy Mammoths is simple in appearance but requires quite bit of strategy to stay in the lead through each check point. Staying in the lead is done through strategic jumps controlled by the SPACE BAR.

Jump in order to pass over the Mammoth ahead of you, to stop one from overtaking you, or to bump one of them back while they are in the air. Timing is everything.

Keep in mind that the resistance of the air will slow you. It will effect you more when you lead the race, and less when you are in last position. There is always a mammoth who tries to overtake you.

With the "4 player" mode, up to 4 players can use the same keyboard to play and once you unlock the championship mode you can choose from 10 different Mammoths to play with.

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A game created by jp
Translated by bastien

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