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A game created by Notch
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The game was created for the java games 4K contest. It was developed by Markus Persson (Notch on Pepere) and won the 2006 contest. Markus kindly authorized jp to adapt it to the highscore system.
The goal of the game is to dig tunnels that lead the Miners to the gold, then back to the starting position again. Right-click to build tunnels for the workers and left-click to build ground. Scroll down with the arrow keys to see more gold.
Six (6) levels to be completed. 1000 points for each level added with the time left.

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A game created by Notch

Translated by Z3RO

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  Profile     Message JarR ( 4 May 2021 15:04) : I love mining and I love ths game. Thanks for sharing this site. Fire Blanket
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