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Jump Gear 2

A game created by jp
Website (http://...)

Draw, import or play official tracks created by the BonusLevel players. Race against time, jump over hills and execute AWSOME flips.

[SPACE] to jump.
[UP][DOWN] to accelerate.
[LEFT][RIGHT] to flip.
[PAGEUP][PAGEDOWN] to zoom in or out.
[ESCAPE] to restart.

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A game created by jp
Translated by serby

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  Profile     Message bellid ( 17 October 2022 17:21) : Please keep this game updated! Best game ever!
Regards, Concrete Installation
  Profile     Message Timebam ( 18 October 2022 23:13) : Great work. Thanks for the updates. dryer vent cleaners
  Profile     Message bellid ( 25 October 2022 10:56) : I want to thank the devs for this impressive work! Great job guys!
Cladding Contractor
  Profile     Message joeanderson ( 26 October 2022 01:01) : Most of the drywall expert that i know loves to play this game.
  Profile     Message alfsavage10 ( 3 November 2022 02:12) : Good to know that these games, looking forward to more games uploaded. Visit this website
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