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Cold Fusion

A game created by qplaygames
Website (http://...)

In this tricky game you will have to prepare plasma pieces for cold fusion.
Through skilled elimination of the right pieces you can create big clusters
of pieces that score much more points!
The game uses a simple point and click interface...

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A game created by qplaygames
Translated by qplaygames

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  Profile     Message KellyP ( 4 July 2022 09:59) : Looks like I will love this game.
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  Profile     Message joeanderson ( 8 July 2022 22:35) : Nice game! I used to play this game during my break time at
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  Profile     Message ligoba5494 ( 7 August 2022 17:44) : great

  Profile     Message anthonyscotte23 ( 7 August 2022 22:44) : I've been playing this game during my break time. Really nice game!! tree removal barnet
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