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World of Archoon

A game created by jp
Website (http://...)

The story: Archoon is a strange and boring world where only archers and balloons live. Archers are shooting all day long at the balloons, while the latter try to reach the sky. A warning, this game may contain scenes showing mass balloon deaths.

The controls: Hold the mouse to draw the string back, release the mouse button to shoot. Don't let a balloon reach the sky. Click on highscores to view a demo of the best players.

The comments: Did you realize this is a ... java game? I was experimenting processing and build this little stupid game to see how far we can go with it. Processing is powerful but it lacks the powerful layers and objects management of Flash. Moreover, the size of the java applet is big compared to the same game made with Flash. Nevertheless, this game wouldn't have been as fast with Flash.

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A game created by jp
Translated by bastien

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