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Pépère on the rocks

Beee booop luuula, she's my baaaaaby... Our Pépère is swinging now! Mémère has offered him an ice driving training day but brrr.. it's very cold.. and it's not so easy to drive with gloves and ski cap... Help him to complete the circuit once and if you get the Top 20, Pépère offers you a link towards a web page of your choice.
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Translated by jp
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202.13 bandicoot 0 bump9.895 sec
201.41 silberlocke 0 bump9.93 sec
200 Rodrigo.Riveros 0 bump10 sec
199.91 X-man 0 bump10.005 sec
199.45 abdussamed 0 bump10.028 sec
199.39 J.Parisi 0 bump10.031 sec
199.21 RODOLFO SANTA 0 bump10.04 sec
198.81 JJ le lyonnais 0 bump10.06 sec
198.79 jxc8684 0 bump10.061 sec
198.73 aldo ( 0 bump10.064 sec
198.67Rumo ao Hexa 0 bump10.067 sec
198.65Team.RFR 0 bump10.068 sec
198.63Brasil Pentacampeao 0 bump10.069 sec
198.58 Arno 0 bump10.072 sec
198.52 Sublime 0 bump10.075 sec
198.14beeble uni10 0 bump10.094 sec
198.12 JJ le lyonnais 0 bump10.095 sec
198.08 xflames 0 bump10.097 sec
198.04 ali ufuk 0 bump10.099 sec
198.02 iLKAY BALAMBER 0 bump10.1 sec
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  Profile     Message silberlocke ( 28 April 2013 23:38) : Klasse Spiel !! - Leider fehlen die Konkurrenten !
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