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A selection of the most innovative and interesting games that can be played with your internet browser on other websites.
Line Rider - Fun Jellify - Strategy Tycoon Online - Multiplayer games - Multiplayer games Earn to die - Motor sports Lost Outpost - Adventure FreeCiv ( Civilization clone in HTML5 ) - Old games Guilded Youth - Adventure Dammit Snake - Stress International Kungfu Warior - Fun Reprisal (Populous remake) - Old games Craequ - Strategy The Love Letter - Adventure Snailiad - Strategy Greens Survive when Reds Die - Strategy - Games
The exclusive games created by the team
Moonlights Jump Gear 2 Rolling Turtle BLockoban Crazy Mammoths Capsules Jump Gear - Random One On One Soccer challenge Ringmania 2 Babboon & friends World of Archoon Ringmania Save the earth Rebounds Bilboquet game Captain Pépère - Flash game Pépère on the rocks - Flash game Pépère and his car - Flash game Pépère and his trailer - Flash game Dangerous Pépère - Flash game Air Magic Pépère - Flash game The elephant game - Flash game
Programmers and gamers
The games developed by the members of More and more talented games developers trust our platform to show their games to a large audience. Since 2005, the team is also using this platform to present its games.
Moonlights Tweet Force 21 Balloons Dung 12 Seconds Love Overdose Sproing Reloaded ZIAG! - The Simplest Game On Earth Kersplat Jump Gear 2 Pumpkin Supply Slippery Side Swipe Mega Fortress Spider in the rain Pawel and the Teutonic Castle

Line Rider - Fun Jellify - Strategy Tycoon Online - Multiplayer games - Multiplayer games Moonlights Jump Gear 2 Rolling Turtle BLockoban Pépère and his trailer - Flash game Air Magic Pépère - Flash game World of Archoon Cold Fusion Jump Gear - Random Love Overdose Crazy Mammoths Rebounds Pumpkin Supply Veggie Fling EsTension Ringmania Loops of zen - Strategy MOTAS - Mystery Of Time And Space - Adventure RAF - Global rescue - Action Spaceman Bob's great escape - Action Moss - Action Roly Poly Eliminator 2 - Strategy Gamma Bros - Old games Sherwood - Multiplayer games Skydiver - Fun Guilded Youth - Adventure Red Remover - Strategy Yaris Multiplayer - Multiplayer games Swoop-to-nuts - Fun Escape to Windows - Stress Stickman Odo (1 and 2) - Adventure Way of the Samuraï - Stress Top Gear Ford Fiesta Racing Game - Motor sports Add Up - Stress Akinator - Fun untris - Stress This Is the Only Level Too - Fun Atomic Super Boss - Stress Shroomz - Quest for Puppy - Strategy Disinfect the Core - Strategy Zorro tank - Motor sports Impulse - Strategy Lock's Quest Flash Game - Adventure Best old games - Old games Megaman, Ghosts 'n Goblins - Old games G-MAX Skateboarding - Sports Tactics Arena Online - Multiplayer games Overkill Apache - Action Fulltime Killer - Action Hengeglider - Sports Snowball - Stress Bird flight - Fun Jump Gear 2 - Motor sports Vectorpack - Levers - Fun Combat Heaven - Action Alcohol And Ammo - Fun Cool flame - Adventure Soccer 1.0 - Sports Spybot: The Nightfall Incident - Strategy Splitter - Strategy The Dark Room - Adventure TruckZilla - Old games Globz Football - Sports Pelpet ver.0.1 d - Stress The treasure box - Adventure Maama room - Adventure Deep Sea Struggle - Strategy Man down - Stress Ellipsis - Action N-Game - Action Bugs - Fun Polarium Backflip - Strategy Pitching Put golf - Sports Spank the monkey - Fun Shadez - the black operations - Action Transylmania - Action Gravity master - Strategy Toonami arena - Old games Guimp pong - mini pong game - Fun Interactive buddy - Fun That Gravity Game - Strategy Sky Marauder - Action Retron - Stress DR3I Andkon Arcade - Stress Momentum Missile Mayhem - Action Iconien - Stress Kumo Neko - Strategy Blow Boat - Action Senses challenge - Strategy Jamal And The Wasp Bunker - Action Heart attack - Action Raiden 2 part A - Old games Arkanoïd - Old games Grow - Adventure Turbo Spirit XT - Motor sports Nawnco - Strategy Bilboquet game Ringmania 2 Capsules Miners4K Soccer challenge Save the earth Babboon & friends One On One ABC 12 Seconds 21 Balloons Flash Snake Kersplat CyBalls Dung Jump Knight Centrifuge Bat Vs Ball 1.0 Tweet Force Football Diams Life of Squid Nano Bot Slippery Side Swipe Cheese planet game Skydiver Critical Mass Vomiting snake Fishy Falldown Camera Mind Unicycle Challenge Touch The Bubbles Tunnel Rush Suna Sudoku ZIAG! - The Simplest Game On Earth Sproing Reloaded Virus Pawel and the Teutonic Castle Spider in the rain Mega Fortress

On Pepere we are developing online games that can be played on your internet browser. We use Flash, Java and are opened to all upcoming technologies.
Since 2004, the «Pepere spirit» has gathered a strong community of 44718 players and game developers. Pepere is translated in many languages thanks to the contribution of all visitors and members. We thank all of you for your support to the «Pepere project»!

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15 April 2019 Backend update
     The site was storing passwords in clear until now in the database, this was a risky situation in case a hacker breaks into the database. From now on, it's fixed, passwords are hashed and old passwords have been hashed too. I've wanted to do this for a long time, and I'm glad it's done now.
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